2015 Meeting Minutes

NSA – Annual Spring Meeting Notes – 26APR2015
Board Members Present
? President: Marye Anne Read
? Vice President: Rob Stone
? Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Spielman
? Member At Large: Pete Casti
? Large Member: Terry Lowe
President Marye Anne Read opened the meeting and welcomed the attending NSA members who are staying after the annual ASI meeting.
Election Results
Marye Anne announced the election results for three new officers. President: Marye Anne, Treasurer: Tristan Armstrong, Member At Large: Terry Lowe.
Treasurer’s Report
Bob showed a spreadsheet and gave a summary overview.
? NSA has 60 members
? $28,000 in NSA checking account.
? 7,200 in certificate of deposit.
? 2000 in Sierra Fliers account.
? Recent purchases: 1300 gallons of avgas at $3.79/gallon. This good rate will allow us to keep our tow rates down in 2015. Sandia transponder for the L23 was $1400. Bruce Rosenthal will install.
President’s Report
? No Tailwheel newsletters were produced through the summer.
? The ASW-19 flew 243 flights in November, compared with 270 flights for the rest of the fleet.
? In December, Blue Tow had annual inspection and Christmas Dinner was held at Famous Dave’s.
? In February, the club purchased a new Nano. 1-26 “3YZ” (555) went to Chukar’s house for painting. Stony received a recognition plaque from SSA. Career Day presentation was supported at North Valley HS and Mendive MS. Science Day is coming in June at an elementary school.
NSA – Annual Spring Meeting Notes – 26APR2015
Stu’s Report
A new Reno Aviation Museum has been formed as a 501(c)(3) organization. He donated his unfinished Monerai and trailer for them to use as a sit-in exhibit for kids. The organization is interested in learning more about soaring. Their next board meeting is coming up in May.
Terry’s Report
? This year’s Bishop event is coming up 24-28JUN15 (Wednesday through Sunday). So far, 15 pilots, 12 gliders, and 1 motorglider are committed. Still need to sort out a towplane, oxygen, golf cart.
? Gerlach event planned for 25 & 26JUL15. 17 pilots want to participate and Bruno’s country club is still available. Terry wants to add “How to get to Gerlach” information to website, showing landout sites. Rob has used Google Earth for these briefings in the past. Rob: Another option is to fly to Gerlach from NV23, meet crew, and then trailer back.
General Business
? 4 new students, Travis, Gareth, Max, Kat (soloed and got 99’s scholarship!).
? North Valley HS JROTC students last orientation flight for school year coming up Saturday.
Corrie Volinkaty’s Report
? Third year of doing club ship annuals here. Has to do one every 90 days to maintain currency. Recently renewed IA certification through 2017. Corrie appreciates doing annual inspections for privately owned gliders, too.
? Oxygen bottles, stamps & inspections. Adventure SCUBA Center does hydro tests (every 5 years) for $35. John Scott reports that the 5-pointed star by the date on his bottle means it’s good for 10 years. Per Corrie, the oxygen bottle isn’t required to be inspected as part of an annual inspection unless it’s permanently installed. If removed, he won’t see it.
? Corrie now has mobile aircraft scales. Will do empty weight for $25. For $40, will include CG calculation, updated Weight & Balance paperwork.
? Annual inspection is $140 for NSA members.
? Certification to do XPDR checks is very onerous, and Corrie doesn’t have time to pursue at this point.
NSA – Annual Spring Meeting Notes – 26APR2015
Vice President’s Report
? NSA fleet is doing well. L23 & 2-32 are getting lots of use. Putting XPDR into the L23. An L33, the ASW-19, 1-36 and 1-26 are online. One L33 is still “in the box.” the L23 needs an oxygen system.
? Batteries are always an issue. Someone needs to take this on as a project, and keep all the batteries & chargers organized & managed by glider.
? Thermal Camp is coming 01-05JUN15. NSA gliders are available via guest membership. 7 gliders are reserved and there are ~15 participants.
? Cross Country Camp 07-12JUN15: No requests for club gliders yet.
? Pete Casti recommends not selling any gliders this year.
? Rob asks what is the transition path after soloing the L23? It used to be obvious when we had a 2-33, and the next step was to fly the 1-26. Currently, we add the intermediate step of a 2-32 flight to introduce the nose skid, and then transition to the 1-26.
? Member Question: Why not buy another ASW-19 if that’s our most popular ship? (noted)
? John Scott comment: PTT on stick is almost a safety issue due to fumbling with old-style handheld microphone. Bob: We will look into it. 90% of our ships probably have PTT now.
? Marye Anne: All 7 parachutes are current, repacked and ready to go.
? Waivers & insurance: Club members need $1 million liability and $15K hull coverage for 1-26, 1-36 & L33. $30K hull coverage for the rest of the club ships.
? NSA income for 2014 was $90,000. This covered fuel, insurance, legal & tax, office, oxygen, supplies, tiedown & landing fees, repairs & maintenance, aircraft property taxes & depreciation. We didn’t owe any income tax last year, although we have had to pay taxes at some times in the past.
? Member Question: Any thoughts on adding ADSB Out to Blue Tow? Answer: No (not due until 2020, and may change a lot over the next 5 years…).
Tow Pilot’s Report
Bob reports that we have 11 active tow pilots. Excellent! Note: All club members get free oxygen. The sign-up sheet is for NON-members. Don’t fill out the sign-up sheet when refilling if you’re a member.
JROTC Report
Travis is an excellent solo student who is working toward his Private certificate (if you’re driving through Stead, pick him up and shuttle him to Air Sailing, as he doesn’t have a driver’s license yet). Awards assembly coming up the first week in May at North Valley High School.
NSA – Annual Spring Meeting Notes – 26APR2015
New Business
Bob: Austin Airport is very nice. East of Fallon, has a north-south mountain range, tiedowns, BBQ facilities, double-wide trailers for sleeping. Possible site for future soaring safaris.
Awards & Recognition
? Dodo: Recognized Pete Casti as NSA “MVP.” Also described background of the Billy Goat Scholarships.
? Marye Anne: Recognized Bob Spielman for AOPA Air Safety Institute safety award.

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