Members present : 12 (not enough)
1. Stoney ran the NSA Board elections – by vote of those present the following were elected to the NSA Board:
ROB STONE – president
BOB SPIELMAN – treasurer
LEE GRISHAM- Vice president
STEW CRANE – Safety officer
LINDA MONAHAN – Member at large
PETE CASTI – Member at large
MARYE ANNE READ – Member at large

2. FINANCES – Chukar explained that NSA ended up $4500 ahead of last year and this was after buying a golf cart for $1000, a Colibri for $1000, and paying $10000 on the Blanik and this resulted in a slight tax liability of $534. The taxes were filed and this cost $710 to prepare for both NSA and Sierra Fliers LLC. We can do better next year. It was decided that if we are ahead this year we will return a rebate to members for tows rather than have half price Wednesdays.

3. Stoney went over the 2010 calendar. A full schedule is again the norm for this year. Check the website at: nevadasoaring.com for dates. We will need a lot of help during the camps, Bishop, WSPA, Sports Class, and Gerlach. Please contact a Board member to offer your help.

4. Gary Phillips chose the call sign “Harrier” – fitting. He joined as a regular member this year.

5. VOLUNTEERS are always needed and we plan to use the person doing the additional duty to
be responsible to see that it gets done next year.
PARACHUTES: TRISTAN ARMSTRONG took them to Davis for repack and picked them up this year -thanks TRISTAN.
LOGBOOKS: LEE GRISHAM tallied up the times and we’ll need the times for the annuals. Thanks, LEE.
WEIGHT AND BALANCE: New member CORRIE VOLINKATY and COOT will be in charge of this.
PAYPAL – PETE CASTI will try to set this up for NSA.
PHOTOS of pilots – COOT, ED PUTNAM, AND LEE EDLING will try to collect photos of all NSA pilots, preferably in gliders.

6. We encourage weekend fliers to make Saturday mornings a work period. Some routine tasks to accomplish are washing and waxing gliders, weeding, fueling golf carts, cleaning Blue Tow, etc.

7. FLEET: Chukar explained that we have 7 gliders now, a 1-26, two 1-36s, two 2-33s, a Blanik L-33 and a Pegasus. A motion was passed to lease for $1 a year Chukar and Larry Struck’s 1-26 3YZ in place of 09H. All have working radios and transponders except the 2-33s. We owe $10000. on the L-33. Our tow plane annual is due in May. Red Tow was taken to Nervino Flying Service at Beckworth and it appears the annual will cost $13000. (that’s no typo).

8.SAFETY – CRANE covered safety. The big and important new rule is “No comm with the tow plane means no tow. Take a flight for currency on your first flying day this year. Military route VR1250 goes over the Red Rocks and 2 F-18s came right through our area.

Contrary to al lot of information being passed, the transponder code for gliders remains 0440. A standard national code for gliders has been proposed (code 1201) but it hasn’t been given final approval.

9. ATC – ROLF PETERSON covered tailored approaches by airlines. We expect new routes to Reno to begin in 2011.

10. MEMBERSHIP – last year we had 40 members and this year we have 60 members. All but 7 have paid their dues.

The meeting was followed by hot dogs and pop and then flying.

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