SPRING CLEANUP – It’s less than 2 weeks away to the cleanup day at ASI, April 17th.  Right now it looks like we’ll be on the edge of the jet stream and it will breezy and cool. 


ANNUAL NSA MEETING – Then on April 18th we’ll have the NSA annual meeting at 10:00 and we’ll fly afterwards.  We’ll have elections and discuss our aims for the coming year. The present officers should let Stoney know (rstone118@charter.net) if they don’t want their name on the ballot – Linda Monahan, Stew Crane, Lee Grisham, Bob Spielman, Rob Stone, and Pete Caste are the present officers. 


FINANCES – NSA has $13000 in the checking acct and $15000 in the CD.

Sierra Fliers LLC has $1587 in the checking account.  We have some big bills coming up – insurance and annuals.  Your dues keep us going.


TAXES – we sent in our taxes prepared by Sidley Associates.  NSA had no tax liability (partly because of depreciation) and Sierra Fliers had a liability of $534.  Cost to prepare the taxes professionally this year was $180 for Sierra Fliers LLC and $465 for NSA.  We can do better next year, both on the prep and on our liability.  The $534 liability of Sierra Fliers LLC was paid by Chukar and Stoney and they will be reimbursed.


TOW RATES – remain the same as last year, $1.50/100′ or $45 to 3000′ + the $2 runway fee and fuel tank fee per landing.  Sim rope breaks are $12 (Soaring NV charges $30.) and $17 for a pattern tow.  We keep these charges low to encourage proficiency.


DUES – remain the same, $300/year or $75/quarter.    The annual fee was discounted to $250 if paid before March 31st.  So far 45 pilots have paid annual dues and 7 have paid quarterly dues.  We have 60 members now!!!


TOW – NSA’s Blue tow had 43 tows in the first quarter.  Weather was iffy and Blue was down for maintenance.  First tow in 2010 was Roadrunner, Alan Young.


BLUE TOW – had all cylinders replaced due to an AD by the FAA.  The ECI cylinders were developing cracks and the FAA said they had to be replaced above 350 hours and Blue had 550 hours.  ECI allowed us $975 for labor and allowed us $4188 on new cylinders so it cost us $825 plus $1830 to install them = $2655. and we now have a new top overhaul.  We had the prop repitched and installed a new starter (that doesn’t work any better than the last one).


FLEET – we have 2 1-36s, 2 2-33s, the L-33, Pegasus, and a 1-26.  One change we will make this year is to take 09H off the line and use Chukar’s and Larry Struck’s 1-26 3YZ which has a good radio and transponder.  NSA will pay for the maintenance and insurance on 3YZ.  3YZ will either be leased to Sierra Fliers LLC or registered in that name and have liability insurance from Costello. 


JROTC – we’ve begun this program again with North Valleys High School and if you’d like to fly a cadet on most Saturdays, show up by noon.  We had several very enthusiastic cadets and it’s a pleasure to fly them.


MEMBERSHIP – advantages of your membership are many.  Free oxygen gets to be more and more valuable to members.  Our instructors will give you a free and thorough flight review when it’s due. This isn’t a checkride, it’s a learning experience and it’s fun.

Chukar broke the rope on his checkride and still passed. 


BISHOP is full.  Chukar is looking for someone to take over the Bishop Camp next year.


ANNUALS – glider annuals will be done in 2 groups, the first on Friday (sorry, they don’t want to do it on Saturday) 7 May and the 2nd group on 14 May.  Send me an email if you’d like to do yours and which date. These will be owner assisted annuals and the gliders will be pulled into the hangar to do a thorough inspection on them.


NORMA BURNETTE gave NSA a base radio and a handheld unit.  Thanks, Norma.


There were many NSA and ASI members at the memorial for BRUCE LAXALT.  It was an honor to be there.  I talked to Pam Sutton and she said she likes NSA so much, that there is soooo much energy out there and she’ll be flying with us this summer.


There are sooo many things to do.  Somehow we’ll get them all done. Please help us.

One project that would help us all is if someone would set up Pay Pay for NSA.  Then members could pay online.


Thanks Roadrunner (Alan Young) for fixing the oxygen cart.

There were 5 members out Saturday (Vario, Roadrunner, Redtail (Grisham), Chukar, and Kestral (Lumpkin) who lubed the bearings and checked the brakes on both 1-36s and tried to checkout the starter on Blue.  Varian said it was so nice to have pilots help and get things fixed.   


SAFETY CORNER:  Checking your com radio with the tow pilot should be part of the preflight checklist.  No radio, no go.  Here’s a good idea – stop the glider on towout by the NE corner of the hangar, clean the canopy with pledge and a CLOTH rag, install the battery in the glider and turn on the VHF and get a comm. check, turn on the transponder and see if it works ( lights up),  turn on the oxygen and open your flowmeter to see if the ball “dances”, put your parachute in, and clean off the bird doo-doo and dirt from the glider with the hose. If you haven’t flown in 2010 you must take a hop with an instructor.

There is a  new glider transponder code 1201 nationwide for gliders instead of 0440 locally. SOAR MINDEN and SOARNV were using that code this past week and the FAA order was effective 11/19/09 but we hadn’t seen it until now.  There is no 0440 any longer.  You should be on 1201 and if you talk to Reno Approach they’ll leave you on that code or assign a discreet code.



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