PASCO Members:

 The FAA has published a National Beacon Code Allocation Plan (NBCAP)
(attached) which assigns transponder Squawk Code 1201 to gliders flying
VFR in the United States. Communication with the Reno TRACON indicates
they are following this new procedure and expect gliders to squawk 1201
from now on.
This assignment supercedes the assignment of 0440 to gliders
flying in the Reno airspace and takes effect immediately.
According to the NBCAP, this change affects the entire continental
United States, but it is unclear to PASCO at this time if all ATC
facilities are following this NBCAP.PASCO learned this during the
course of a wave camp sponsored by SoaringNV, during which an ATC
controller informed us of the change.
Given this information, PASCO believes our procedure
of having gliders squawk 0440 in the Reno airspace should be changed
and from now on we should squawk 1201. We cannot speak for the procedures
to be followed when flying south into Joshua Center’s airspace.
Note that this discussion applies to the airspace controlled by Reno TRACON;
as PASCO receives clarification (including Norcal Approach’s position), we will
promptly pass this information along via email & the PASCO website to members.
Pacific Soaring Council

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