Tailwheel April 2015

It’s been a busy week.  Saturday we had the ASI cleanup on a cold morning with lots of folks helping and with a great lunch prepared by Chicadee, Debbie Young, Evelyn Lowe, and Karen. Sunday we had the annual Safety meeting with John Scott and Stoney and in the afternoon we had the annual NSA meeting.  We’ll try to get the minutes out soon for those who were absent. 

Then Monday through Wednesday we had John Scott getting some more tow experience with Bruce Rosenthal, Blackhawk,  and Curtiss Wheeler flying, along with David Volkmann.  Wednesday was the first day this year with 18000′ forecast and 82 degrees.  Actual altitudes were 13000′- 15000′.  Curtiss got a 4 hour flight and David went almost 500km.  This weekend it should be 79 degrees Sat. and Sun. with a chance of thunderstorms so it should be good.
Thanks to Bruce and Curtiss for fixing the rear cockpit mike jack in the 2-32 and for helping install the radio in the L23.
The radio is working now in 11H.  We need a bungee for the battery hold down.
Thanks to Chicadee for making a storage bin and binder for each of our gliders plus one for the towplane.  All the info
is now located in one place and that’s so nice.
Transponder checks are setup for the middle of May, Saturday, the 16th starting at 9:30-10:00, first come, first served.
I expect we’ll have at least 10 to do.  Ty, could you pass this transponder info to all of ASI pilots? Let Lucky Chukar
know if you’re planning on having your ship tested.  It should be a little more than $100. and this is the only time
this year we plan to have Aviation Classics come out to ASI.
This Saturday Stoney has a couple of students, one is a new one.  Rooster will be out by 9:00 to do 3 annuals, most important is ZAP, the ASW19, then NSA’s other L33 in the trailer, and then probably Chukar’s Sparrowhawk.  We could use help in removing panels, lubing, and cleaning and vacuuming.
Daren Bue is working on his commercial – prelude to instructor?  We hope so.
Pilot landed his private glider on runway 3 long and fast and went into the overun.
Pilot landed his own glider short on 3 in the sagebrush and ended up just onto the runway and did some glider damage.
Pilot landed a dual private glider at Carson City and took the highspeed tyurnoff downhill and couldn’t stop before the wing hit a taxi light.
Bruce told us about a glider accident 2 weeks ago at Prescott Valley where a 74 year old pilot did a winch launch in their club Cirrus (with a CG hook) and got to about 1000′ and stalled it and spun in and was killed.
Thanks to everyone for all the help.

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