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Nevada Soaring Association


Soaring flight can truly be considered the purest form of flight known. There are few experiences that match the joy of releasing from the tow plane and climbing out into the cold clear air above 10,000′, the satisfaction of remaining aloft often for hours at a time or the pure challenge of flying several hundred miles and returning to the home base, all without an engine.

To join the Nevada Soaring Association (NSA), you need only an adventurous spirit, a desire to be around aviation and the time to relax and hang out in the high desert with some of the most fun people you will find anywhere. Many of our members had never flown before joining our club and are now licensed to fly in not only gliders but power aircraft as well. Lifelong dreams of learning to fly are within reach. Several young pilots have learned to fly and have soloed a glider at the minimum age of 14. Rated power pilots can add a glider rating to their certificate often with minimum requirements. Beyond that, the overall soaring conditions in the area are some of the best in the country.

Some History of the Palomino Valley

NSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Nevada for the purpose of promoting the art and science of soaring flight. We are not a commercial operation and our aircraft and services are only available to club members with a few exceptions. We offer introductory lessons to prospective members. Pre-solo students and pilots in their checkout phase pay modest fees for instructors and aircraft up until solo at which time they are required to join NSA and Air Sailing Incorporated (ASI) which is the organization that owns and operates the gliderport.  Joining NSA involves an initiation fee and monthly dues, but from then on aircraft and instructor fees are waived. All members are encouraged to seek membership in The Soaring Society Of America (SSA) and The Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO).

Glider operations at Air Sailing rely on volunteers helping each other and donating their efforts and expertise to the betterment of the club. We have a enthusiastic group of members that go above and beyond what is required to have such a great club. Please come by and visit ASI or contact a club officer if you have any questions about NSA.

Some Notes & Reminders

NSA members must be current to carry passengers in gliders to operate an NSA aircraft as PIC or solo (3x T.O. and Landings within 90 days).

Members must have proof of insurance present at the airfield to fly. Common practice would be to attach a copy to your signed waiver.

NSA does not provide charts (maps) for NSA gliders.  Charts are not available for purchase onsite.

Flight Review Requirements