Downloadable and/or Printable Forms and Topics

Air Sailing  Operating Procedures

Nano Calibration 1270 1303 3303

FAA Guidance on Glider Transponder Codes 

Air Sailing, Reno/Tahoe Traffic Awareness

SSA’s Master Badge Application

Sporting Code

Badge and Record Task Table

Badge and Record Worksheet

FAI Flight Declaration When you do it the old fashion way

SSA Badge and Record Procedures

Bronze Badge study guide Study guide for the written bronze test portion.

Thermalling Techniques Richard Johnson’s Classic Article

Transition to Gliders For the power pilot’s move to gliders

Soaring Signals You should know these cold

Bob Wander’s Spin Training Interesting thoughts on spins

John Boyce’s Skew T Log P Briefing Explains the unexplainable (Requires Powerpoint)

FAA Practical Test Standards Private Commercial Instructor

FAA License Application thru IACRA

Intro to Competition Soaring

 A very nice overview of soaring in a article on the net

 Reading the METAR Weather Forecast