Why Join Nevada Soaring Association?

Nevada Soaring Association is a glider club that encourages and trains individuals to explore and expand their limits while practicing the art of safe soaring. NSA is located at the Air Sailing Gliderport in Warm Springs Valley north of Reno, Nevada.
Contact one of the following NSA officials to find out more. They should be able to answer any questions.  The club officers and instructors will help you set up a customized training and/or checkout program with a path to membership into our club. Your membership application must be endorsed by a club officer, and you must complete a local area checkout or cleared for solo flight to join NSA for the first time.  Then, when you have met the insurance requirements, you will be cleared to fly as a PIC in one or several of our aircraft.
Gene Benson – President – personal phone 831-345-6104
Charles Thaeler – Treasurer
NSA Application and New Member Checklist
Insurance requirements
NSA Release & Waiver Agreement
ASI  Waiver

Cost Summary

To join there is a one time fee and annual dues

One Time Fee Categories

Regular: $250
Family (additional per person): $125
Glider Owner: $125
Student (College & High School): $50
Military (Active/Guard/Reserve): $125

2024 Annual Dues: 

$97.50 per quarter if paid quarterly or $390 per year
Additional family member under 18 dues are $195 per year

Rates subject to change


Oxygen is free to NSA members.
For non-NSA members a partial fill-up (1200psi) is $10, full (1800psi) is $15.

Send checks to: NSA

Nevada Soaring Association
PO Box 20181
Reno, NV 89515-0181

Paypal: nsasoaring@gmail.com

Clubhouse Phone (775-475-0255)in service?
Link to Air Sailing Gliderport Website