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NSA Waiver

ASI Waiver

Insurance Requirements

Reserve a sailplane

Pilots are required to receive and document attendance at a safety briefing prior to their first flight of the year.

Pilots must provide proof of insurance at the airfield.  A common practice would be to attach a copy to their signed waivers.

NSA members must be current to carry passengers in a glider to operate an NSA aircraft as PIC or solo.  (3x T.O. and Landings within 90 days).

Flight Review Requirements

Tow ropes are set up with combination of Tost and Schweizer rings.

Remember that radio communication between the glider pilot and the tow pilot is required before takeoff.

Tow Rates 2022

Tow Pilots


Tow Schedule

Oxygen for NSA Members is free (non NSA members partial fill to 1200 psi=$10, full to 1800 psi=$15)