July 17, 2022

Greetings all,

This turned out to be a great weekend of flying. Yesterday Neita’s student, Jeremiah Seifert, flew the 1-26 for the first time. He had previously soloed in an ASK-21 but the COVID-19 pandemic slowed his training for a short while. Jeremiah is a power pilot, paraglider pilot, radio control pilot and is adding on a glider rating. Jeremiah flew the 1-26 again today in perfect style. Neita and I hope to have his checkride completed at the end of July.

Charlie Thaeler and I worked on his CFIG addon. We did the usual ground school and then I pulled my silly student hijinks on him in the air. Charlie took the controls at all the proper times and talked me through what I was doing wrong. We flew a solid 1.5 hours and did plenty of ground review. We had beautiful cumulus clouds everywhere and I think I may have seen Dorothy’s house thermal by us in one of the many strong thermals we came across. I look forward to adding Charlie to our team.

Ciprian Pop came out and flew the L-33. He did his 3 full stop landings to get current and thermaled here and there.

Bruce Roberts helped to run wings and gather us up.

Dan Colton provided us with delightful conversation in the club house.

A huge thank you to Curtis ” Auk” Wheeler for being my breakfast club partner this morning and towing us all day.

I wasn’t able to get any pictures of all the festivities. If you go to my Instagram page, @castipete, you can see some random air sailing happenings and other nonsense things that I post.

Thank you everyone for the kind emails in regards to my letter from the president.

May you have massive lift and tailwinds in any direction you fly,


President Nevada Soaring Association

Chief Flight Instructor, NSA.