Rob “Stoney” Stone


Stoney (Sandstone Shrike-thrush)

Species Colluricincla woodwardi

The Sandstone Shrike-thrush (Colluricincla woodwardi) is one of the best-loved and most distinctive birds of Australasia. It is moderately common in most parts of Australia, but absent from the driest of the inland deserts. It is also found in New Guinea.

Of medium size (about 24 cm long) and lacking bright colours, the Sandstone Shrike-thrush—usually just Stoney  in casual conversation has an extraordinary gift for ringing melody, unmatched by any other Australasian species save perhaps the two lyrebirds  and its northern relative, the Grey Shrike-thrush.

During the breeding season the male Stoney becomes fiercely territorial protecting a cluster of up to 30 females in an area of up to 100 hectares.  The male Stoney is known to mate up to 20 times a day during the breeding season, and provide tireless support to the nesting females traveling from nest to nest offering food and respite.



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